Aerial photography of Bondi Beach on tote bag

Is there any wonder our most popular tote bag features aerial beach photography from Bondi Beach?

Just take a look at the the stunning stretch of spectacular white sands that form the Bondi Beach crescent. It is without a doubt one of the most iconic beaches in Australia if not the world. 

The constant flow of great surf and sweeping white sands makes this beach the perfect location for water sports, walking, jogging, socialising and soaking up the sun. 

We knew that the beach photography was going to be a popular choice to use on the reusable tote bags that we offer as a sustainable alternative to the single use plastic bags. 

Bondi Icerbergs Ocean Pool is situated on the southern end of the beach and we think it makes the perfect image to decorate our tote bags, what do you think?

We love it so much we wanted to share behind the scenes or should we say above the scene footage from the shoot on Christmas Eve 2018.

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As popular with tourists as it is with locals, the beach can become busy during peak season and is patrolled by the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards who tirelessly save anyone in need on and off the beach.

Located in the Eastern Suburbs of Waverley Council the beach is only 7km from the CBD and easily accessible by public transport and only a stones throw from the popular backpacker hostels.

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